Travel Responsibly

We present a different way of travelling

Make sure all the money spent in your trip stays in the country, in the hands of local entrepreneurs and communities. Help out while your travel, without even noticing. Landscapes and safaris are great. The local people are better. Meet them. Travel different.

Our guides include accommodation and activities you can do in the destinations.
What makes them different is that we have only included places whose owners are local people, and specially women entrepreneurs.
The idea is that as you travel, seamlessly you will be helping ‘by default’.
There are no volunteering programs included, we only encourage the responsible tourism. Also, and this is key, this is not about making donations or giving presents. What is more, we think these things can be actually harmful, stealing the initiavite and proactivity from the people who receive them.

Travel different, travel better

Every year millions of tourists choose Africa as their holidays destination. For some African countries tourism has become one of the leading industries and its impact on society is huge. For this reason we want to help the local communities to develop their own Tourism-related business by themselves. For that, we need tourists willing to help, tourists that want to get an experience different from the traditional tourism.

That’s the reason we have created this guide with routes, accommodation and activities supportive of the local communities. All these help the tourist obtain a more authentic vision of the countries they are visiting and get in touch with the african entrepreneurs that power the local economy. They are the masters of their own fate and the hope of Africa. Meet them and spread the word.

We run a Social Business. What is that?

A good definition of Social Business is:

“Social business is a cause-driven business. In a social business, the investors/owners can gradually recoup the money invested, but cannot take any dividend beyond that point. Purpose of the investment is purely to achieve one or more social objectives through the operation of the company, no personal gain is desired by the investors.  The company must cover all costs and make revenue, at the same time achieve the social objective, such as, healthcare for the poor, housing for the poor, financial services for the poor, nutrition for malnourished children, providing safe drinking water, introducing renewable energy, etc. in a business way.

The impact of the business on people or environment, rather than the amount of profit made in a given period measures the success of social business. Sustainability of the company indicates that it is running as a business. The objective of the company is to achieve social goal/s .”

Our social goals are:

  • To make that the locally owned, and specially women owned accommodation receive more visits related to tourism, and that all the money spent by these tourists remains in the country improving the local economy instead of going to international hotel chains and the like.
  • To foster a real cultural interchange between tourists and locals. To ensure that the tourists not only enjoy the landscapes but also meet the local people. To avoid at all cost the effect of “only meeting the waiters and the guys working in the gas station”.

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